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Builders Risk Insurance.

The Builders Risk Insurance Program is designed for property owners, contractors and others responsible for insuring commercial and residential properties during ground-up construction. It covers physical loss and damage during the construction process.

Our Builders Risk program features processing that lets you qualify, quote and issue with only two short screens of data entry.

Key advantages

  • Competitive pricing and commission
  • No volume commitments
  • A+ rated admitted carrier
  • Backed by a specialized Builders Risk group, delivering the highest level of expertise and service
  • One-step, easy online quoting and policy issuance
  • A fast, cost-effective way to handle small accounts – rate and issue with two short screens of data entry
  • Superior claim service


  • Commercial and residential new ground-up construction insurance coverage
  • Up to 15 residential units

Coverage & Limits

Subject to policy coverage and wording.

  • Buildings or Structures in the Course of Construction
  • Scaffolding, Fencing, and Temporary Structures
  • Fraud and Deceit – The most “we” pay under this Coverage Extension is $50,000
  • Soft Costs – Actual Loss Sustained, not to exceed 10% of the project’s completed value
  • Limited Fungus – Arising out of a covered peril, up to $15,000
  • General Liability limits up to $1M/$2M available, provided that the owner is not the contractor/GC, subject to program guidelines; General Liability is not available in DE, FL, HI, KY, and NY
  • Additional coverages listed in the policy

Supplemental coverage:

  • Expediting Expenses – The most ‘we” pay is $10,000
  • Expenses to Re-erect Scaffolding – The most “we” pay is $15,000
  • Ordinance or Law – Arising out of a covered peril listed in the policy – See policy for coverage limit
  • Personal Property – The most “we” pay is $10,000
  • Rewards – The most “we” pay, at “our” discretion, up to $10,000
  • Temporary Storage Location – The most “we” pay is $25,000 – with higher limits available Sewer Backup – The most “we” is $10,000
  • Sewer Backup – The most “we” pay in any one occurrence under the Supplemental Coverage is $10,000
  • Transit – The most “we” pay is $15,000 – higher limits available
  • Blueprints and Construction Documents – The most “we” pay is $20,000
  • Trees, Shrubs, and Plants – Located at the covered “jobsite” and being planted or installed as part of “your” construction project

The coverage information outlined here is a guideline only. Please refer to the issued policy for full terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations. In the event of a conflict between this document and the issues policy, the policy will control.


  • Insurance company subsidiaries or affiliates of AIG

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