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Real Estate.

Do you have a client with a group of office buildings?

Real Estate

Or maybe a client with a building that is sitting vacant? Our Real Estate Program enables real estate entities to get exceptional pricing and high coverage limits on umbrella liability insurance for entities like:

  • Condominiums
  • Cooperatives
  • Cooperative Brownstones
  • Condo Row Houses
  • Rental Apartment Buildings
  • Homeowners as part of a Community
  • Commercial Condos
  • Timeshare/Intervals
  • Planned Unit Development
  • Strip Shopping

Sometimes selecting the right program for your clients needs can get confusing. Frequently you will find that programs are specific to particular types of buildings, like our NY Brick & Brownstone Program, for example. Other programs are more encompassing, like our Real Estate Umbrella Program. Here is a quick overview of the programs that we can offer your real estate clients:

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