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Luxury Full Service Hotels and Resorts Umbrella

We view our partnership with our brokers and hotels/resorts as more than providing insurance. The reality is, we’re in the business of keeping guests safe and helping hotels and resorts navigate a crisis and avert negative publicity if and when a loss occurs. Our Luxury Full Service Hotel program offers General Liability and Umbrella insurance, and covers almost one million hotel rooms nationwide – the longest-running program in the country.

  • Broad coverage including General Liability, Liquor Liability and Auto Liability
  • Specialized, dedicated hospitality claims management team
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability with limits up to $180,000,000

  • Hospitality GL Program offers $1M/$2M Limits of Liability for GL & Liquor Liability
  • Broad Form Named Insured coverage
  • Crisis Response
  • Professional Healthcare Services
  • Fungi or Bacteria Limited Exclusion
  • HNO/Owned Autos & Garagekeepers coverage
  • Limits of Liability Apply on a Per Location Basis, No Cap
  • Coverage includes Innkeepers (up to $1M limit of liability; sublimit on guests cash to $25,000)
  • Catastrophic Management Coverage
  • Umbrella limits up to $180,000,000
  • No exclusion for Legionella

The coverage information outlined above is a guideline only. Please refer to the actual policy for full terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations. In the event of a conflict between the above information and the actual policy, the policy will control. 

All carriers are A.M. Best rated A or better

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Download our application and email completed form to your sales executive. Find your sales executive.

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Your risk will immediately be reviewed for accuracy and eligibility, at which time you will be contacted by a representative from Distinguished Programs.

High-limit Umbrella insurance for the hospitality industry is a critical component of a robust risk management program for luxury full-service hotels and resorts. Protecting the organization’s balance sheet and brand reputation in today’s litigious environment requires layers of protection that go way beyond what underlying, primary Liability policies or a low-limit Umbrella policy provides. Typical premises injuries at hotels involve the following: slips, trips, and falls; swimming pool accidents; assault and battery; food poisoning; and burns; among others.

More recently, we have seen catastrophic incidents such as the October 2017 active shooting event that took place at a Las Vegas hotel in which 58 concertgoers were killed and more than 500 were injured. Lawsuits were filed alleging the hotel was responsible for the victims’ “deaths, injuries, and emotional distress” resulting from the attack. The plaintiffs argue that the hotel didn’t have sufficient security policies and staff training in place.

Other incidents that have resulted in lawsuits against hotel properties over the last several years include the following:

  • Last summer, four individuals sued a resort in the Northeast claiming they were diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease after their stay at the establishment. The women are among 19 people who contracted the disease in the area. The lawsuits allege the hotel’s spas and water system carried water infected by Legionella bacteria. The plaintiffs claim that the hotel, along with two other parties, were negligent in their maintenance and inspection of their facilities, allegedly enabling Legionella bacteria to grow in the water. The lawsuits also allege that contracts between the plaintiffs and the resort’s management company, which ensured guests would be safe during their stay, were violated by the presence of the bacteria. State health officials identified a cluster of Legionnaire’s disease cases with test results at the resort showing elevated levels of Legionella in the hot tub, water heater, outdoor shower hose, and the sinks and shower heads in three guest rooms.
  • A man was awarded $ 5 million after he suffered permanent spinal damage from an elevator malfunction at a luxury hotel. In another incident, a woman received a multi-million-dollar settlement after an elevator closed on her arm causing severe nerve damage. The case was settled with the hotel before it went to court. A third case involved a two-year-old boy who was critically injured after falling through the elevator shaft at a five-star hotel. The boy apparently started playing with the elevator’s buttons; the elevator rose and then stopped, leaving a 10-inch gap between the elevator and shaft. The toddler slipped through the gap and fell about 30 feet to the basement, suffering serious head injuries. Litigation is ongoing. 
  • A woman sued a hotel and its parent company for $100 million last year claiming one of its employees secretly recorded her while she was naked in the shower and tried to blackmail her after posting the video to more than a dozen pornographic websites. In the suit, the woman and her attorney said they have since learned of others who were filmed in the hotel room and became aware of the recordings in a similar way. This incident garnered national exposure and negative publicity for the parent company.
  • A $4.1 million settlement was reached with a teenager who suffered a closed head trauma and a facial laceration from a boating accident at a resort hotel in Florida.

Without the proper Umbrella policy and appropriate limits secured, a hotel’s exposure is tremendous. Not only is there a gap in coverage to respond to potentially large settlements and judgments, the damage to a hotel’s reputation is incalculable. With the right high-limit Hospitality Umbrella coverage, you’re able to provide your insureds with a sound asset-protection solution in addition to crisis response services to help them manage the event and mitigate reputational damage.


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