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Hotel Casinos & Gaming Umbrella

Hotel casinos and gaming facilities are, by nature, risky ventures. Our Hotel Casinos & Gaming Program services all types of casinos, including hotel-casinos, standalone casinos, and sovereign nation casinos. We recognize that these high-profile clients have unique coverage and risk management needs.

  • Tailored coverage for gaming operations, theaters and entertainment venues, gaming
  • High limit excess up to $180,000,000
  • Risk mitigation and risk management for gaming facilities

All types of casinos and hotel-casinos are eligible in every state. We can insure the hotel/casino and ancillary operations of tribal casinos including event space and theaters.

  • Broad coverage that is silent on Legionella & Construction
  • Does not automatically include Designated Premises
  • Broad pollution coverage

The coverage information outlined above is a guideline only. Please refer to the actual policy for full terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations. In the event of a conflict between the above information and the actual policy, the policy will control. 

Program led by ACE; all carriers are admitted* and A.M. Best rated A or better. *(Coverage non-admitted in Louisiana.)

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Hotels, resorts, casinos and other venues that entertain the public have a very high obligation under the duty of care. This means that the law requires owners to do every reasonable thing to assure the safety of their guests. Failure to do so can find the operator guilty of negligence, as evidenced by the cases illustrated below:

  • Two years ago, a teacher from Southern California was awarded nearly $3 million in damages after a slip-and-fall injury at a tribal hotel and casino. The woman slipped on spilled water while entering the casino, falling hard onto the tile floor, and suffered a concussion. According to her attorney, as a result of the fall she has had memory loss, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and vomiting. Since the accident occurred on tribal land, the case was adjudicated through arbitration rather than a court system. After five days of arbitration, she was awarded $55,000 in past medical expenses, $1.9 million in lost income and benefits, and $1 million in unspecified economic damages.
  • In another case involving an Indian casino, an $11 million award was upheld in a wrongful death lawsuit after a bus, contracted by the casino crashed, killing two elderly patrons. The lawsuit found that the casino was liable for the negligence of its bus operator along with the bus company.
  • Three years ago a gentleman obtained a $5.6 million jury verdict in a case against a hotel/casino when a chair broke, causing him to fall back, strike his head on a gaming table and land on a piece of the chair. He underwent extensive spine surgery. Damages included past and future medical expenses, and increased pain and disability.
  • A hedge fund manager was awarded a $160.5 million judgment because of a traumatic brain injury he suffered after being allegedly attacked by the security. According to the lawsuit, which claimed security assaulted, battered and falsely imprisoned him, he had difficulty walking and concentrating and endured headaches, disorientation and anxiety. Before the incident, the plaintiff managed a $1 billion hedge fund and earned $11 million.

Everything from slips and falls to pool injuries and assault and battery exposures can put a hotel casino at risk for lawsuits. Even with proper security and safety measures in place, accidents and incidents occur – particularly in an environment where alcohol and gambling are mixed together. A lot can go wrong.

It’s not enough for a hotel casino to rely on its General Liability insurance and a low-limit Umbrella policy, as evidenced by some of the examples of settlements and awards we provided above. A large Excess Liability policy coupled with a robust risk management program are required to respond in the event of a catastrophic incident. High-limit Umbrella insurance is available up to $300 million. What’s important is to evaluate the casino’s operations to properly address how much Umbrella coverage is required to protect its assets while also ensuring that security and safety programs are up to date and implemented throughout the premises.s


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