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Hospitality & Restaurants.

Hospitality & Restaurants

Hotels, resorts, restaurants and casinos have very unique and complex exposures. With experts who do nothing but hospitality and restaurants, we are able to serve brokers in ways that generalists can’t match. Our clients benefit from our strengths – financially secure markets, broad coverage, high limits, service from industry experts, and group purchasing power.

We view our partnership with brokers, hotels and restaurants as more than just insurance. The reality is, we’re in the business of keeping guests safe and helping hotels and restaurants avoid bad PR.

Through our acquisition of Fulcrum, NSU and HLI Insurance, Distinguished Programs Specialty division now offers very affordable high limit excess programs for all classes of hotels and restaurants, from luxury resorts and casinos to limited service hotels, along with offering primary casualty coverage for full service luxury and resort properties.

If your clients fall into any of the below categories, it’s time to talk to Distinguished Programs:

  • Luxury Full Service Hotels
  • Midscale Business Class Hotels
  • Full Service Resorts
  • Limited Service Hotels
  • Casinos and Gaming Hotels
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Sovereign Nation Casinos
  • Hotels with Theater and Entertainment Venues
  • Franchised and Non-Franchised Hotels
  • Independently-Owned Hotels with Limited Amenities
  • Fine dining, casual and fast casual dining
  • Stand-Alone Casinos

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