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Historic Properties

The Historic Properties Program is specifically designed to offer the broadest range of Property, Umbrella/Excess, Business Interruption, General Liability and Auto coverage for historic properties.

The program includes many advantages for property owners – including the ability to swiftly secure skilled craftsman, acquire architecturally unique materials and the flexibility to pay for the extra time needed to accurately identify and repair historic features. We recognize that historic assets require specific insurance solutions to ensure preservation of historical elements that make these properties so special.

Our program’s coverage and valuation approach is indicative of the product specialization needed to protect each properties’ significance, splendor, age and historic value.

Historic Properties Replacement Cost Coverage Video

Having the proper replacement cost coverage in place is key to ensuring your client’s historic property is covered in the event of a loss. Speak to one of our sales representatives today to find out more about historic and guaranteed historic replacement cost coverage.

  • Historic replacement cost
  • Extended replacement cost
  • Guaranteed replacement
  • Historic cash settlement
  • Ordinance or law/increased period of restoration
  • Historic certification expense
  • Federal, state and local tax benefit recapture
  • Green and historic green

Insurer: All carriers are AM Best rated A or better

  • Hospitality, hotels, social clubs and restaurants
  • Commercial historic homes
  • Museums
  • Theaters – live performance or cinematic
  • Commercial real estate buildings
  • Preservation organizations

Email completed applications to your sales executive.

Additional Items to include
  • Five-year loss history
  • Existing loss prevention reports
  • Existing appraisal reports (if available) 
  • Client contact for telephone engineering survey
  • Description of what makes property “Historic” in nature

A formal Historic Appraisal for all new accounts will be scheduled within 30 days to validate insurable values reported. Existing Acord applications accepted; Depending on the coverage requested and unique exposures of an individual prospect, additional application materials may be required

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