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Planned Unit Developments.

The Planned Unit Development Program is designed for associations responsible for the management and administration of common areas as well as shared amenities for planned communities of single-family homes including townhouses, as well as commercial planned unit developments and business parks. Exposures typical of these types of risks that are protected include (but are not limited to) common clubhouses, pools/spas, sport courts, sprinklers systems, etc.

Key advantages

  • A quick quote application form
  • Fast response and turnaround 
  • Electronic policy delivery system
  • One step, online quoting and policy issuance


  • Planned unit developments (PUD)
  • Homeowners associations (HOA)
  • Office & business park associations 

Coverage & Limits

  • Property up to $10 million TIV (gross)
  • Special form and replacement costs
  • EQSL (earthquake sprinkler leakage) option
  • Equipment breakdown coverage option
  • Blanket limits / agreed value
  • $100,000 outdoor property extension

General Liability

  • $1 million per occurrence / $2 million general aggregate or $2 million per occurance / $4 million general aggregate
  • General liability comprehensive form
  • Non-owned & hired automobile, combined single limit
  • Fidelity bond option up to $500,000 - includes non-compensated D&O, and management company
  • D&O, umbrella liability, and additional crime coverages also avaliable


Arizona California Colorado
Connecticut Georgia Illinois
Indiana Missouri Nevada
New Mexico Ohio Oregon
South Carolina Texas Virginia

Additional coverages to consider:

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