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Fire Safety Tour.

Test your knowledge on fire and life safety facts.

Q1: In the event of a fire, do you:

Q2: The leading cause of fire death is:

Q3: Chimneys should be higher than the roof by:

Q4: Smoke alarms should be tested once a month, and batteries replaced at least once a year. You should replace smoke alarm units:

Q5: Place smoke alarms directly on the ceiling or on the wall. If on the wall, place smoke alarms:

Q6: Cords and plugs are the cause of:

Q7: Have your heating system serviced:

Q8: Lead cause of fire in winter:

Q9: Check closed doors for heat before opening using:

Q10: If your clothes catch on fire, you should:

Q11: As you leave a fire, should you:

Q12: If escaping smoke, air is cleanest at:

Q13: If there is a microwave or oven fire:

Q14: The number one cause of home fires is:

Q15: When sleeping, leave your bedroom door:

Q16: The majority of home fire deaths occur: