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Our commitment.

Distinguished Programs is dedicated to responding to your needs, providing a superior level of claim service and support and protecting the long-term stability of our programs. We are committed to:

  • Fair claim settlement
  • Speedy response – all claims are reviewed within 24 hours
  • Clear communication among all parties involved in a loss
  • Accurate loss reserving
  • Loss control information – we help you and your clients avoid losses by sharing of industry-specific risk trends and best risk management practices

How we manage claims

Recognizing that the majority of claims are handled smoothly and efficiently, we believe we can best serve you by focusing our efforts on those claims that involve issues that cannot be resolved directly with the insurance carrier or Third Party Administrator (TPA). In these situations, we intervene quickly and serve as your advocate. Our established partnership and rapport with our team of carriers and TPAs enables us to achieve the best possible claims outcomes on your behalf.

We monitor claims activity on a regular basis, including careful review of carrier loss runs and status reports.

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Incident Reporting.

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What to do when you have a claim.

Wondering what to do? Here are some recommended steps.

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