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Billing & Payment Options.

Flexible payment options let you handle business your way.

We provide a couple of payment options for you and your customers.



Use ACH to submit payments before 9pm EST and have it posted the next day to your accounts. The amount you can apply to your account in one transaction has been increased up to $99,999. To process electronic payments, the link can be found on your digital invoice.


Non-Rush Payment

Our PO Box is for those with Distinguished Express or Specialty products who’d like to mail payments which are not at risk of being past due. Send payments to: 

Distinguished Express Policy Payments  Distinguished Specialty Policy Payments
Distinguished Programs Insurance Brokerage LLC
PO Box 21147
New York, NY 10087-1147
Distinguished Specialty Insurance Brokerage LLC
PO Box 21147
New York, NY 10087-1147

Rushed Same or Next Day Payments

For those times when something goes slightly awry, we have you covered. Send us your payment via any same or next day service for processing. Payments should be sent to:

Distinguished Programs
ATTENTION: Accounts Payable
1180 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Fl.
New York, NY 10036-8401


No matter if you direct bill your insureds or you settle the balance, making payments electronically is the fastest, most secure option.

Have additional questions about the portal or payment?  Visit our FAQ page.

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