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Submitting & Binding Business.

Our knowledge runs deep.

Our underwriters and claims processing administrators are the most knowledgeable in our industry and are able to assess and guide brokers and agents through the often-convoluted path of assessing a risk or servicing a loss.

When it comes to quoting, submitting and binding business, brokers and agents appreciate our expertise because it allow us to look beneath the surface of a risk to see it and understand it for what it is. It makes their life a lot easier because they don’t have to understand and explain all of the details of their quote or request – we already understand the subtleties and can guide them to an informed assessment and conclusion. Ready to begin? Below are the basic guidelines to get you started.


We process business in a variety of ways, including traditional applications and online applications via our Broker Portal. Quoting options typically depend on the particular program.

Looking for a fast quote? Our online Broker Portal is the fastest way to get a quote. Most applications submitted through our broker portal provide instant turnaround, and if your risk requires special underwriting attention it's still turned around within 24 hours. 

Binding Business

In order to bind an account with us, you need to be a registered broker. If you are not already registered, please submit your  Brokerage Registration online. To expedite the process, we suggest reading the brokerage agreement and collecting your license and your agency's license prior to beginning the registration process.

Once you are registered, you can bind a quote several ways:

  1. Bind the quote by logging in to the portal. If you don’t have a login, you can request one here.
  2. Send an email with binding instructions to
  3. Send an email with binding instructions to your underwriter

General Information

  • All submissions will be cleared no more than 90 days prior to the effective date.
  • Submissions should be entered into our portal, sent via mail, e-mail or fax. A phone call is not a submission.
  • If you are not completing the application online, send your submissions to We will clear it and call you within 24 hours to make sure we know what you’re looking for.
  • We allow 10 days for rescinding a BOR, or until binding effective date, whichever is sooner.

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