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Selling insurance can be hard. Distinguished Programs makes it easy.

We realize that our success is dependent on our brokers’ success, and we’ve made a history of aligning our interests with theirs – it’s what makes our clients and partners say that in the industries we serve,  Distinguished Programs is the preferred market. We've made it easy for you to access a wide range of our programs online through our Broker Portal.

Having served the same core markets and partnered with the most stable and reputable carriers for decades, we have the vision and experience required to make wise long-term decisions about our programs – that means brokers don’t have to worry about disruptions year-to-year and can remain fully focused on building and maintaining their books of business without concern for the stability and performance of our programs. Our Broker Portal will make it easy for you to manage your business while you continue to develop a portfolio with clients that have specialized real estate needs.

Getting started with our portal is simple. Start with Step 1 to register your broker, followed by Step 2 to create your personal profile to begin submitting and managing business.

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Our Real Estate Umbrella is the longest running in the country. Since 1987.

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