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What Makes Us Distinguished.

Born to innovate.

Innovation is a tradition at Distinguished Programs. It dates back to 1987 when we pioneered the country’s first real estate umbrella purchasing group. This provided a much-needed solution for real estate clients who were unable to purchase the limits needed at affordable prices.

Finding smarter and better ways of meeting customers’ needs is one of the ideals that we are built on. It goes back to our founder and chairman emeritus, Andy Potash. He’s never been one to accept the status quo. From his early days as a broker, Andy was always “born to improve.” It is his vision and steadfast dedication to finding a better way, which led him to create Distinguished Programs. The same spirit of innovation drives us today.

Having served the same core markets and partnered with the most stable and reputable carriers for decades, we have the vision and experience required to make wise long-term decisions about our programs. And to this day, our high limit programs remain the clear choice in our areas of specialty for superior coverage, competitive pricing, and attentive service.