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  • Distinguished Express

    Simple. Fast. Accurate. Whether you work with one builder who completes a dozen projects a year, or a property manager with a portfolio that contains dozens of condo associations, it’s likely you have business you consider to be “in-the-box” risks. Having a quick and easy way to submit $5M, $15M, or $25M policies, and ultimately bind that business online is what makes writing it profitable for you. And if you happen to have a client with greater coverage needs we’ve got you covered up to $300M!

    The Distinguished Express broker portal provides an easy-to-use website that accepts applications in minutes and generates a decision in less than 5 minutes for most program applications. With more than 85% of all submissions flowing straight-through, the broker portal helps you grow your business quickly and profitably.

    Distinguished Express supports more than 3,000 insurance brokers nationally, writing more than 70,000 policies. Our brokers have told us that speed and rapid policy issuance on these policies is where we can add the most value to their agency economics. Today, our system handles more than 60,000 submissions each year. No matter how big, or how small your account is, Distinguished is here for you.

    We’re easy to work with. We’re reliable. We’re Distinguished.

  • Distinguished Specialty

    Whether you’re working with a five star resort, casino, or a mixed-use real estate project, Distinguished Specialty is your hospitality and large real estate expert. We know you have unique client needs, risks that don’t fit in a box. You need a partner who knows what to ask, what to look for. You want a partner who can simplify the complex and provide a quick indication on pricing. After all, you don’t have time to waste just to find out if you’re in the ballpark. And when you need limits up to $300 million in coverage, you’ve come to the right place.

    Distinguished Specialty has built its business on mastering the complex. Our team of underwriting professionals are the best in the business. They’ve seen it all, done it all, and are ready to partner with you to provide your customer with the very best insurance experience from binding coverage to handling claims. We understand how important it is to you to bring value to your customers – tangible value. Your skill, knowledge, and recommendations are what make you their trusted advisor.

    Large accounts require a high degree of service. This service can only be delivered by professionals who understand the nuances presented with these accounts. We’ve designed our entire broker experience from the sale to the claims process with you and your customer at the forefront. We meet with hundreds of brokers each year to listen to how their business is working, and how it’s changing. We continue to innovate by leveraging Lean Processing to make our submission process more efficient for you, and by providing you with leading edge programs such as our Green Certified program for buildings that are LEED certified.

    We’re connected. We’re reliable. We’re Distinguished.