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Using the Portal - FAQ.

What's the quickest way to turn around a submission or an endorsement?

Using the online portal is the quickest way to make changes to a policy or to submit new business. If eligible, you can bind these transactions on the spot. Here is a quick guide to help you the next time you need to submit an endorsement.

Why was my submission referred?

If you'd like more detail on why your submission was referred, you can reach out to your underwriter.

Can I access my submission after it has been submitted? Can I find policies that are already bound?

Your dashboard houses all of your open submissions, quotes, and policies. You can use the filters to narrow down to a particular group, or you can use the search function at the top of the page to find a specific account.

Can I edit a submission I've already quoted?

Yes, you can use the edit button to revise your submission

How can I get alternate options for limits/deductibles?

You can change and quote different limits and deductibles on the pricing and options page of the submission.

Do you have a "help" resource to learn how to use the portal?

Yes! Visit here to find tutorials on the many features of our broker portal. If you don't find the help you need, please reach out to our customer care team. email: or phone: 888.355.4626

Why is the system slow today?

The spinning wheel you might see on the page means that our system is processing any changes that may have been made on the account. It is actively determining eligibility, altering values, and seeking out any credits available for the risk. It's working to find the best price available!

Can I download policy documents on the portal?

Yes, you can now instantly access documents through the Broker Portal. Open any account, click “All Documents” and you’ll find a list of documents. Here is a quick guide to help you the next time you need a document.

Where can I find information for a specific policy?

We've streamlined our design so that any information you'll need on a specific account can be found on the policy summary screen, including a list of transactions, coverage limits, and downloadable policy documents.

How can I find a specific policy or submission?

All of your submissions, quotes, and active policies can be accessed using the portal! You can use the filters on the Dashboard to narrow down to the relevant records, or you can use the search bar at the top of the screen to find a specific account.

I'd like to bind a quote! Can I do this online?

Yes! Once a formal quote is issued and the status is 'bindable,' you will be able to bind the account directly from the policy summary screen or the dashboard.

I'd like to access a policy that wasn't bound using the portal. Can I still find it online?

We use the portal to rate and service most of our programs, so even if you submitted a paper application or bound a policy via email, the account will be available on the portal! Click here to see a list of programs that are currently supported on the portal.

What is the status of my submission?

Click on the "I" button in the orange box of a submission to get more information on the status of the submission.