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General - FAQ.

What is the broker portal? What features are available?

The broker portal is the online platform where registered brokers can quote, bind, and service their accounts efficiently! For more information on all of the portal's capabilities, check out our features page.

Does each person in our office have their own log-in, or do we all share a login?

Each individual in your office should have their own login, but everyone in your office will have access to all of your brokerage's accounts with Distinguished.

What do we need to do to get appointed with Distinguished?

To get your brokerage appointed with us, click here.

Can our customers access the portal?

As a managing general agency, we work exclusively with brokers. Insureds are not able to access the portal.

Where can I find a sample policy?

Sample policies can be found on our website. Simply open the page for the program you are interested in to view or download a sample policy.

I can't find the program I want on the portal? What gives?

You can submit and service accounts for the following programs:

  • New York Brick & Brownstone
  • Builder's Risk
  • Vacant Building
  • Remodelers Risk
  • Community Association Umbrella
  • Directors and Officers
  • Crime
  • Real Estate Umbrella
  • Limited Service Hotels

Don't see the programs you want?

Don't worry! We have them. It's just that they currently use a different application method. Click on the links below to submit:

Why does the portal look different?

We've had an overhaul to our design, so check out the features page. to see everything that's changed.

Is the broker portal only available during business hours?

It's the internet! It works 24/7.