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Insurance Veteran Promoted to Executive Role at Distinguished Programs.

Posted 2/4/2020

Mark King tasked with regional sales for Southern California.

NEW YORK, February 6, 2020 – Distinguished Programs, a national insurance program manager, today officially announces the promotion of longtime employee Mark King. With more than 25 years in the insurance industry, King brings considerable expertise in the property casualty sales space to his new role as regional sales executive with Distinguished Programs.

“Mark has an impressive track record in the industry, making him a valuable member of our team and a well-versed resource for the agents and brokers with whom he works. That depth of experience and understanding of the market gives Mark the ability to best assist clients and even mentor fellow colleagues,” noted Kurt Meister, senior vice president of business development at Distinguished Programs.

In his new role, King will work with clients throughout Southern California, Oklahoma and Texas, to choose proper insurance programs for clients across the full range of products and services available through Distinguished Programs.

Prior to his joining Distinguished Programs in 2006, King served as director of commercial accounts at Wausau Insurance Company in Wisconsin for nine years. While there, he was responsible for the development, growth and profit of the broker distribution network throughout Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Idaho.

King attended Portland State University. 

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