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Employee Testimonials

Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez

Senior Underwriter Property/Liability Programs

"Working with Distinguished Programs, you are not just another employee. You are a member of a family, a family that encourages you to grow and flourish both personally and professionally. This belief translates into our client relationships. We view our clients not just as “clients”, but as partners. Through the Distinguished brand, we strive to develop and grow our partnerships into valuable relationships that are rarely seen in today’s marketplace."

Jamie Schraff
Jamie Schraff

Vice President, Corporate Communications

"When you work with Distinguished Programs, you can count on being heard, and on having really smart, thoughtful people helping you think things through. Maybe it’s a tough risk, a tricky renewal, or a new proposal that needs something outside the norm. When you call or visit Distinguished, you know that we’ll be there to help."

Natalie Rowe
Natalie Rowe

Program Management Operations Associate

"Distinguished Programs is a family-oriented place to work. Teamwork is an important part of our culture. Together we are very focused on how best to serve our customers, employees and prospective clients. My favorite part of the job is when I receive feedback from our customers on how our team has worked together to resolve a problem and deliver excellent service."

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